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The June 2016 Board Meeting brought some great initiatives from our Board and a dynamic and exciting Call To Action, see last page of the Board's MS Word white paper, Growing our Chapter thru Social Media, 2016 (click here). This website page is the result of that meeting and essentially asks all interested parties to support our WT-ATD Chapter by participating in a number of relatively easy social media activities. These are also laid out in detail in the aforementioned MS Word file available by clicking here. One final note. Each member of the WT-ATD should consider attempting to recruit 1 new member a year for our Chapter with the majority of these being Power Members.

But...What is a Power Member? Click this graphic and it will take you to the Join ATD page; on this page is a similar graphic—click that graphic and there's more discussion of what constitutes a Power Member and the associated benefits? But, please come back here and ensure you've read our Call To Action!

Growing Our Chapter

The following instructions, in MS Word format, are available by 

clicking here.

    • Posting a Facebook announcement;
    • Changing your Facebook Cover Photo;
    • Writing a LinkedIn post;
    • Sending a Twitter announcement;
    • In addition to our Board's Call To Action for 2016-2017.

Upcoming events

The page you are currently accessing on our website has MS Word files associated with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter posts for our August 11, 2016 event, Rock Star Presentation , truly a "don't want to miss" (click any of the links to download our MS Word file with all the sample text). This page also includes graphic samples that can be used for the August 11, 2016 event, Rock Start Presentation  and 2 templates in PowerPoint for (1) the optimal size for a Facebook Cover Photo (with instructions) and (2) the optimal size for LinkedIn
post graphic (with instructions). These templates  can obviously be used for changing a Facebook Cover Photo to anything and also for any graphic associated with any article written for LinkedIn.

We have opened this page to the public as we are open to any Board approved support (contact Heather Smith, Board Chair) and suggestions any interested party may care to participate in or support.

Samples/Examples in MS Word

Click here to access the MS Word file with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter posts samples and examples.

Sample Facebook Cover Photos

Click on any of the following images to download that Facebook Cover Photo

Click the following graphic to download the Facebook Cover Photo PowerPoint template.

Sample LinkedIn Articles & Template

Click any of the following examples of a LinkedIn post to access the text of the article in MS Word (each graphic downloads the same MS Word file). Click the final graphic below to download the PowerPoint template optimally sized for building your own linkedIn image to accompany any article.

Click the following graphic to access the PowerPoint template optimally sized to create your own LinkedIn graphic to display at the top of your LinkedIn article.

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