WT-ATD Board Position, Director of Talent Management & Volunteers

April, 2016

Guidance Document

Position Summary

The Director of Talent Management & Volunteers oversees the chapter’s volunteer recruiting efforts, manages the matching of volunteers to volunteer opportunities, and guides the chapter’s succession planning efforts to ensure that all volunteer needs are met.

Time Commitment

The service term for this position is 1 year. 

Estimated Monthly Time Requirements

  • Attending board meetings: 2 hours;
  • Attending monthly chapter meetings: 3 hours;
  • Managing all volunteer-related issues: 3–6 hours;



      • Develop annual volunteer goals
      • Research other professional organizations for ideas on how they approach managing volunteers
      • Maintain list of volunteers who have expressed an interest in volunteering but have not yet been contacted or matched with a volunteer need
      • Maintain a list of both unmet and met Board member volunteer needs
      • Create an “intake checklist” (i.e. a list of skills & interests, available time, etc.) for volunteers to complete
      • Create a spreadsheet/database of volunteer and volunteer needs demographic data (e.g., name, contact details, volunteer interests, volunteer need & requirements, etc.)
      • Develop end-to-end process from attracting volunteers through volunteers being matched with volunteer needs
      • Establish system for tracking volunteer involvement
      • Create or maintain a chapter leader succession plan and ensure the chapter is following the plan

      Board Participation.

          • Provide a report on volunteer activities at monthly Board meeting
          • Maintain and update records relevant to position for benefit of successor
          • Before end of Board term, recommend at least two potential candidates for the position
          • Train successor in duties for this position during transition period prior to successor’s term of office
          • Participate in Board special task force activities
          • Support and promote chapter affiliation requirements (CARE), and the strategic goals and action plans of the chapter
          • Represent the chapter professionally and ethically in all business functions/organizational activities
          • Attend and participate in all board and chapter meetings
          • Participate in other chapter events, committee meetings, and regional conferences as available
          • Member of ATD and chapter
          • Skilled in written and verbal communication, personal interaction, and problem-solving
          • Ability to plan, organize, and execute activities as required by the position
          • Ability to complete projects within established timeframes
          • Ability to delegate tasks and monitor follow-through
          • Strong analytical and networking skills
          • Ability to fully participate in chapter programs and board meetings
          • Has a willingness to advocate the chapter
          • Ability to seek others out as volunteers 

            The preceding “highlights” are not intended to minimize or expand a volunteer’s role on our dynamic and exciting WT-ATD Board. Volunteers are asked to give what we can to encourage the enhancement and advancement of our Chapter. The preceding is a rather simple list of some of the things our Chapter asks the President to consider being a part of.

            Generally, we do request all WT-ATD Board members to (a) consider joint membership, Professional or “Power” membership, with the National organization; (b) attend all WT-ATD Board Meetings and functions (July retreat); and (c) attend all monthly events. The all is italicized because all of us have other responsibilities and realize all may be a stretch at times. Thank you for agreeing to consider a position on our WT-ATD Board and thank you, in advance, for your service, at all levels, to WT-ATD.

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