WT-ATD Board Position, Vice President of Finance

April, 2016

Guidance Document

Position Summary

The Vice President of Finance manages the operational finances of the chapter. He/She coordinates the budget and operational issues with other board members, as well as administrative services. He/She assures that chapter operations are in compliance with ATD's Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE).

Time Commitment

The service term for this position is 1 year. 

Estimated Monthly Time Requirements

  • Attending board meetings: 2 hours;
  • Conducting internal audit with committee: 8 hours (1 time annually);
  • Attending monthly chapter meetings: 3 hours;
  • Communicating with administrative office and/or others: 2–4 hours;
  • Record keeping and financial book upkeep: 2 hours



    • Creates an annual operating budget and makes it accessible to members.

    Conduct Audits.

    • Audits income/expenses and cash-flow on a monthly basis to ensure chapter's sound financial status
    • Reports the results of financial audits to the board in a timely manner


    • Ensures compliance with CARE
    • Ensures chapter is in compliance with state and federal reporting requirements

    Finance Operations.

          • Oversees operations and finance for the chapter
          • Reconciles chapter bank accounts on a regular basis
          • Oversees the accuracy of record-keeping and reporting
          • Issues payment for invoices in a timely manner
          • Maintains chapter tax-exempt non-profit status
          • Ensures that the chapter maintains adequate insurance coverage


          • Recruits and trains incoming vice president of operations and finance
          • Recruits and trains volunteers to support audit functions

    Board Participation.

    • Reports all income and expenses to the board on a regular basis
    • Reports on financial status of chapter each January at membership meeting and each month at board meetings
    • Attends and participates in all monthly board meetings and chapter programs
    • Participates in other chapter events, committee meetings, and conferences as available
    • Represents chapter professionally and ethically in all business functions/organizational activities
    • Participates in the ATD International Conference and Exposition and ATD Chapter Leaders Conference (ALC)
    • Member of ATD and chapter
    • Demonstrated experience in budget design, fiscal responsibility and accounting practices
    • Good understanding of operations and finance
    • Ability to work with administrative services
    • Time available to fully participate in chapter and board meetings, and represent the chapter regionally and nationally 

      The preceding “highlights” are not intended to minimize or expand a volunteer’s role on our dynamic and exciting WT-ATD Board. Volunteers are asked to give what we can to encourage the enhancement and advancement of our Chapter. The preceding is a rather simple list of some of the things our Chapter asks the President to consider being a part of.

      Generally, we do request all WT-ATD Board members to (a) consider joint membership, Professional or “Power” membership, with the National organization; (b) attend all WT-ATD Board Meetings and functions (July retreat); and (c) attend all monthly events. The all is italicized because all of us have other responsibilities and realize all may be a stretch at times. Thank you for agreeing to consider a position on our WT-ATD Board and thank you, in advance, for your service, at all levels, to WT-ATD.

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