WT-ATD Board Position, Vice President of Membership

April, 2016

Guidance Document

Position Summary

The Vice President of Membership manages the overall membership function including the design and implementation of programs that broaden membership engagement for the chapter, increasing membership by an identified goal, and retaining current members.

Time Commitment

The service term for this position is 1 year. 

Estimated Monthly Time Requirements

  • Attending board meetings: 2 hours;
  • Attending membership committee meetings: 1–2 hours;
  • Attending monthly chapter meetings: 3 hours;
  • Communicating with administrative office and/or others: 2–4 hours


    Member Recruitment/Orientation.

    • Creates prospect and new member packets detailing top benefits of joining the organization, and upcoming opportunities to meet other prospects/members
    • Ensures new member orientation occurs on a regular basis with board and committee members available to answer questions regarding the organization
    • Coordinates distribution of membership packets, including current rosters and member benefits

      Member Retention.

      • Implements programs that result in decreased membership expirations
      • Ensures processes are in place to follow up with members whose annual membership is about to expire, and advocates renewal
      • Increases member renewal by a stated amount

        Member Satisfaction.

        • Provides services that will enhance new members acculturation to the organization
        • Conducts needs assessment and member satisfaction surveys on a regular basis, reports results and make recommendations to the board


        • Recruits and trains incoming vice president of membership
        • Recruits and trains volunteers to support membership functions
        • Constantly updates personal knowledge of ATD strategies and operations 

        Board Participation.

          • Partners with other committees (marketing, programs) to highlight the value to becoming a member
          • Attends and participates in all monthly board meetings and chapter programs.
          • Tracks new, renewed, and expired memberships and reports to
          • board on a regular basis
          • Participates in other chapter events, committee meetings, and conferences as available
          • Represents chapter professionally and ethically in all business functions/organizational activities 
          • Member of ATD and chapter
          • Solid marketing and public relations skills
          • Skilled in written and verbal communication, personal interaction and problem-solving
          • Ability to plan, organize and execute activities as required by the position
          • Ability to complete projects within established timeframes
          • Ability to delegate tasks and monitor follow-through
          • Time available to fully participate in chapter programs and board meetings
          • Has a willingness to advocate the chapter
          • Ability to seek others out as volunteers 

          The preceding “highlights” are not intended to minimize or expand a volunteer’s role on our dynamic and exciting WT-ATD Board. Volunteers are asked to give what we can to encourage the enhancement and advancement of our Chapter. The preceding is a rather simple list of some of the things our Chapter asks the President to consider being a part of.

          Generally, we do request all WT-ATD Board members to (a) consider joint membership, Professional or “Power” membership, with the National organization; (b) attend all WT-ATD Board Meetings and functions (July retreat); and (c) attend all monthly events. The all is italicized because all of us have other responsibilities and realize all may be a stretch at times. Thank you for agreeing to consider a position on our WT-ATD Board and thank you, in advance, for your service, at all levels, to WT-ATD.

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