WT-ATD Board Position, Vice President of Programs & Events

April, 2016

Guidance Document

Position Summary

The Vice President of Programs & Events oversees the chapter’s programming function, including responsibility for topic/speaker selection, site selection, and overall meeting management and reporting.

Time Commitment

The service term for this position is 1 year. 

Estimated Monthly Time Requirements

  • Attending board meetings: 2 hours;
  • Attending programs committee meetings: 1–2 hours;
  • Attending monthly chapter meetings: 3 hours;
  • Communicating with newsletter editor, individuals responsible for website, administrative office and/or others: 2–4 hours


    Program Development.

    • Ensures a relevant program/event is held on a regular basis (at least one each quarter)
    • Solicits program topics from membership and evaluates relevance and interest to members
    • Administers program events within budget
    • Attracts and secures speakers who address the concerns and interests of the membership
    • Coordinates locations for meetings
    • Collects and reports on participant feedback of programs, and uses feedback to plan future events
    • Provides meeting details, including speaker’s biography for chapter website and/or newsletter


    • Recruits and trains incoming vice president of programs and events and makes recommendation to him/her regarding future speakers, topics, etc.
    • Recruits and trains volunteers to support program functions 
    Board Participation.
      • Attends board meetings, chapter programs, and regular committee meetings.
      • Represents the chapter professionally and ethically
      • Participates in board meetings and chapter meetings, ATD International Conference and the ATD Chapter Leadership Conference (ALC)
      • Member of ATD and chapter
      • Possesses marketing and public relation skills
      • Skilled in written and verbal communication, personal interaction and problem-solving
      • Ability to plan, organize and execute activities as required by the position
      • Ability to complete projects within established timeframes
      • Ability to delegate tasks and monitor follow-through
      • Ability to attract and lead committee members
      • Time available to fully participate in chapter events
      The preceding “highlights” are not intended to minimize or expand a volunteer’s role on our dynamic and exciting WT-ATD Board. Volunteers are asked to give what we can to encourage the enhancement and advancement of our Chapter. The preceding is a rather simple list of some of the things our Chapter asks the President to consider being a part of.

      Generally, we do request all WT-ATD Board members to (a) consider joint membership, Professional or “Power” membership, with the National organization; (b) attend all WT-ATD Board Meetings and functions (July retreat); and (c) attend all monthly events. The all is italicized because all of us have other responsibilities and realize all may be a stretch at times. Thank you for agreeing to consider a position on our WT-ATD Board and thank you, in advance, for your service, at all levels, to WT-ATD.

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